Sharing our Thoughts at Encore CCRI

Welcome to Encoure CCRI, home of our resident journalist’s thoughts and opinions on matters of today’s current events, life trends, financial markets and investments, and – of course, food. Because food is good. I have a lot of thoughts about food.

Today’s food thought, just because it came to mind. My mother in law just brought me a gluten free coffee blueberry type cake that is delicious. We talked about how ice-cream would have been even yummier on top.

We don’t have any ice cream in the house…BUT! I had a container of sour cream (I ONLY use Daisy Sour Cream because it only has ONE ingredient: Cream. No junk!). So, I put a “dollop” of Daisy (part of their slogan by the way) on top of the cake. BINGO! Instant success!

So next time you find yourself with a type of coffee cake, try a dollop of sour cream. Get Daisy. And no, I don’t get paid by the company to say that. It’s simply the best (unless you can find another brand that has only ONE ingredient!). See you soon!